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BorsodChem became the Audience Awarded Large Company of „beneFit Prize 2019 – for Happy Employees”

All You Can Move SportPass (AYMC) and Humá Non-profit Association founded the beneFit Prize Award which aim is to introduce and reward such companies’ best practices who believe that corporate health culture is the new CSR.

This award serves as a guideline for both players in the labour market. For employees, the aim is to make corporate care visible, send a message about such factors which is not founded in job advertisement but these ‘undercover’ ones help them in making a decision and keep workers for many years at the given company reducing workplace frustration, stress thereby fluctuation.

For employers is an opportunity to introduce themselves and made available to the general public that their employees are the most important and valuable players thereby strengthening the company’s labour market position in order to attract prospective employees and also increase the loyalty of colleagues.

Our Company applied for beneFit Prize Award which can be divided into two parts: Professional one is judged by a professional jury and Public one is voted by the audience. Our Company’s health program is analysed by 10+1 factors (Prevention, Healthy Nutrition, Sport, Health, Accident and Life Insurance, Education, Recreation, Work Environment, Mental Health, Environmental-conscious Operation, Child-friendly Measures, Other) and then we could introduce how we care about our employees and direct environment on Microsite data sheets with unique contents in the frame of Public Application which participated in public voting.

A professional jury selected BorsodChem from 97 applicants among the 57 best and we occupied the prestigious 6th place in the category of large companies as well as we received the Audience Award as a Large Company.

At the Award Gala, it has been said that in addition to the recognition of corporate care this award’s mission is to induce decision-makers to give tax incentives to such companies who invest in corporate wellbeing and realization of corporate health culture.

We hope that the prize founders reach this goal and we would expand our benefits with more such elements which contribute to our employees’ wellbeing.

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