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Responsibility for succession

We greatly focus on training and education


Having a well-trained professional and managerial staff is one of the prerequisites for safe, long-term effective, and successful operations. Accordingly, we highly focus on the development of our employees, but we also arrange many training and education activities outside the Company. A wide range of external training and programs are waiting for our prospective employees.

We primarily target young people studying in secondary and higher education with our external training activities.

We have career orientation programs starting from primary school; for instance, a chemistry course for 8th-grade students. We regularly participate in career orientation events targeting the youngest age group. In addition, we run a scholarship program for high-performing secondary and higher education students.

Taking the interests of the Company into consideration, we are playing an increasingly important role in the vocational education of the chemical industry, so we provide professional practice opportunities for students in secondary vocational education and higher education. Within the frame of a cooperation agreement concluded with Irinyi János Education Centre in Kazincbarcika, we introduce our activities and technologies to chemist students during mid-year and summer internships.

We launched a chemistry faculty at Szalézi Szent Ferenc Secondary School in Kazincbarcika, which prepares students for further study in the chemical industry as part of the curriculum. Our Company provides professional support for compiling the curriculum, raw materials for various experiments, and plant visit opportunities for the students.

As a dual training site, we participate in higher education and under the cooperation agreements with the University of Miskolc, University of Debrecen, and Pannon University, we welcome students in chemical engineering, material engineering, mechanical engineering, and economics for dual training. The students concerned take part in practical training at our Company in line with the dual curriculum of the given faculty.

Our Company established an off-site chemistry department with the University of Miskolc in 2006 and with the University of Debrecen in 2018, which further strengthened our professional and educational relationship. In addition to supporting the education of material engineers in cooperation with the Department of Chemical Technology at the University of Miskolc, in collaboration with the county’s chemical companies, we successfully contributed to the launch of a chemical engineering bachelor’s education from September 2019 and master’s education from February 2021 at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering.

Our training, however, does not stop at the level of educational system training. In order to satisfy our increased labour demand, we organize chemical system operator re-training programs for job seekers and career changers in the form of adult learning.

Towards increasing the efficiency of the courses, we created our own Education Centre on our Kazincbarcika site, equipped with demonstration tools required for practical training. In addition to the retraining programs, the centre is also home to many of our in-house courses and practical work for secondary school students.

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