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Safety first

Raising the awareness of our “Safety First” approach is the basis of the trust we want to strengthen among our colleagues, partners, and within the local community. Our goal is to maintain a stable and high standard safety culture as well as continuously develop and boost up the safety consciousness of our employees.

Each of our employees has a responsibility for maintaining safe working conditions and minimizing risks.

At the Company level, we develop and operate a non-health hazardous HSE system for creating safe working conditions.

Our HSE Department has the highly qualified and experienced staff to ensure compliance with the safety, occupational health, and environmental requirements required in the chemical industry. In our plants, trained HSE coordinators help to comply with the regulations and we ensure that their professional knowledge is kept up to date with regular training.

In addition, the Central HSE Committee has been operating since 2017 with the aim of facilitating the flow of HSE information within the organization, informing senior management on HSE problems at the Company level, and preparing and supporting decisions.

During the preparation phase of our new investments, stakeholders are always fully informed about the safe operation of the new facility. Knowledge of the properties of our chemicals is also a basic requirement for safety. This is served by the REACH database, which contains regulations related to the safe handling of chemical substances and it is available to all employees within the Company.

In addition to the safety of our colleagues, we pay special attention to the safety of contractors’ and suppliers’ employees who work on our site. Their activities are strictly controlled and before the start of the work, the construction companies shall participate in safety training where they learn about the Company’s HSE rules, local conditions, risks, and protection regulations. In addition, those who work at our Company site shall also undergo a preliminary medical examination at our occupational health service provider operating on our site.

Our work safety and health performance are analysed through regular external and internal audits and by means of our safety statistics. Based on the results, we launch campaigns in the areas to be developed.

As a result of the commitment of our colleagues and leadership, our occupational safety statistics are outstanding relative to companies in the region.


We believe that accident-, event- and emission-free operation is achievable, therefore we have set ourselves the target of achieving zero value in terms of safety and environmental incidents in our daily activities.

To enhance the awareness of this, we display the “Arrows to ZERO” logo on all relevant documents and at events.


While manufacturing our products, we work with hazardous materials under industrial conditions. The basis of our corporate values is that we are all responsible for our and each other’s health and safety. It is our joint key objective to scale back the risks in our working environment as much as possible and reduce the number of accidents down to zero. The implementation of objectives is served by OSHAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System, our own occupational safety regulations, and the PSRM (Process Safety and Risk Management) system introduced in 2018.


Safety rules for transport companies

Safety rules for contractor companies


Safety training film for contractors

Since 1994 we have been operating our onsite fire department, the majority of which consists of full-time firefighters. Their primary task is the immediate handling and elimination of emergencies caused by fires, the protection of the health and safety of our employees, emergency first aid with our own ambulance in the event of an accident in the territory of our Company.

In addition, our team is responsible for additional tasks related to fire protection and safety, including the permission of hot works, the inspection of fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire extinguishing equipment, etc.

Our firefighters work with a modern proprietary fleet and equipment that enables extremely quick intervention.

In addition to the operation of our fire department, we installed several fire alarm, fire-fighting, and other emergency response equipment in the area of our plants in line with today's technical standards.


At our Company, work permits can only be issued to employees employed by external companies who have been pre-registered by their employer in our Electronic Work Permit (EWP) system.

Use of the system is subject to registration. This requires an access ID and a password, which is obtained from our procurement organization by companies that have a valid contract with our Company. Subcontractors will receive their access IDs upon notification by the general contractor.

After logging in the system, you can download the Registration Guide.


Log in to the EWP System

In the event of a major accident involving hazardous substances, we inform those who stay on our site about the emergency by our internal siren system. The local governments and disaster management are in charge of informing local residents, managing the external defense, and organizing particular tasks.

The inhabitants of Kazincbarcika, Berente, and Sajószentpéter are informed by the Monitoring and Residential Alarm System sirens installed and operated by Disaster Management in the municipalities.

In the event of a major accident or emergency, the population and those who stay in the surrounding settlements can get instructions about the necessary actions, in addition to the sirens, from the local media, as well as the website of disaster management and other authorities.



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