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Technology development


We are one of the European chemical companies involved in the production of specialty isocyanates. We strive to apply the best available technologies at all points in the production chain and accomplish such technological developments that contribute to increasing material- and energy efficiency, minimizing water consumption and waste emissions as well as meeting both safety and environmental requirements at a high level.

When launching a new product or product line, we purchased technologies that met the requirements of best available techniques (BAT) or rather exceeded them, from world companies with a long history and reliability. By becoming increasingly familiar with the procedure during use, we found its bottlenecks and cornerstones to be developed and innovation was needed. The primary purpose of these was to maintain the economics of production. The innovation affected our developments that increase energy efficiency, the improvement of quality parameters, the replacement of raw- and auxiliary materials even at our own production base, and the reduction of waste and by-product generation and their treatment, basically taking environmental aspects into account. Our series of developments have resulted in a significant transformation of the original technology, therefore we could use our proprietary technologies in the construction of the next unit producing the same product.


Our latest development projects

The innovative investment was accomplished through unique technological and engineering solutions in 2019. Besides raising production capacity, the MDI plant succeeded in realizing a more efficient and flexible technology by the optimization of main and side reactions’ parameters. As a result of the recommended modifications, the enhanced elimination of contaminants became attainable during the manufacturing process creating a more energy-efficient technology. This activity was rewarded by the Hungarian Association for Innovation with an Industrial Innovation Award.


A catalytic technology procedure is the basis of the new method intended to be used in the VCM Plant for cleaning the generated brine. The laboratory experiments were followed by pilot plant tests and using its results we implemented the technology on an industrial scale. The new developed catalyst made it possible to decompose the organic matter content significantly along with high salt content and alkalinity. The efficiency of the technology is well demonstrated by the fact that the brine leaving the process can be used as a raw material for the membrane cell electrolysis.



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