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Specialty development and technical support

Rigid foam
Rigid foam


Our team specialized in rigid foams is primarily involved in the development of both polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) systems with increased fire resistance.

Low-density polyurethane rigid foams are used in numerous industrial sectors – building-, refrigeration- and automotive industry – due to their low thermal conductivity, furthermore their water – and moisture resistance features arising from their closed cell structure.

Their low density and good thermal insulation jointly result in significant energy savings, which is paid off in the long-run by justifiable life-cycle analysis (LCA).

Rigid foams with a higher density is another target area of our activity, as it opens the door to further technical applications due to its significant compressive strength. They can be used for example as moulded or technical foams, in the form of load-bearing elements in lightweight structures, moulds for fibreglass hulls, but even as imitations of wood or stone.

The development of PUR adhesives and bonding materials used in the wood industry also belong to our tasks. These materials can be used for the manufacturing of several wood products such as construction - and panelboards (OSB, MDF, HDF), fibre-based heat insulators, glued supporting structures or block sheets.

In consideration of market needs and environmental aspects, our team is committed to offering you the rigid foam system that best suits your needs.

If you have any ideas or questions about rigid foam systems, please contact our development engineer associate here.


Flexible foam
Flexible foam


Out of flexible foams, we develop unique products for both the automotive and furniture industries.

In the focus of our automotive development projects, there are tailor-made isocyanate products for premium comfort automotive seating and grades providing reduced cycle-time as well as the goal to continuously diminish volatile organic compounds. By virtue of new solutions such as lower density car seatings with identical comfort enhance energy efficiency and performance as well.

The best quality (enhanced resilience, air-permeability, humidity diversion, thermal conduction, durability during transportation) raw materials are essential for slab stock foams produced for the furniture industry. Our properly selected isocyanates made of the best quality raw materials tailored to individual needs by careful work are superb means of improving the physical characteristics of end products.

If you have any ideas or questions about flexible foam isocyanate products, please contact our development engineer associate here.



Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers

Polyurethane systems are preferred for use in areas where excellent mechanical strength combined with sufficient flexibility is an important requirement. As a consequence, we also produce quasi-prepolymers and isocyanate mixtures as raw materials for coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers mainly for the wood, construction, and footwear industries.

Our team is also occupied with the development of PUR adhesives and binders used in the wood industry. These materials can be used in the production of many wood products, such as construction and furniture boards (OSB, MDF, HDF), fibre-based thermal insulation, adhesive-bonded supporting structures, or tiles.

In addition to the above, the use of packaging materials or sealants and coatings that come into contact with food or drinking-water call for precise knowledge and increasing the purity of components.

Integral foams form a special subcategory of elastomers, which integrate elasticity and mechanical strength with a lightweight.

Among the materials developed for CASE applications, the modified MDI product group deserves special attention. A promising item of the group offers high functionality in conjunction with impressive aesthetics besides mechanical strength that has been recently leveled up to the preparation phase before large-scale production.

If you have any ideas or questions about CASE polyurethanes, please contact our development engineer associate here.


We are convinced that raw material production can create a lively synergy with application development, therefore joint cooperation with our customers is a vital part of our product development.

We intend to support the innovative plans of our customers as a reliable partner.


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