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The directions of our PU product development

In 2008, our Company established a department specializing in technical services and technological development in Gödöllő.

Our Gödöllő branch has opened a window to the diverse world of specialties with its polyol blends and prepolymers offered for rigid foams. Subsequently, our range was expanded by flexible foam products followed by the products offered for non-foaming polyurethanes in connection with the formation of our CASE team.

Our Technology Support Team is responsible for making large-scale production of specialties developed in our Gödöllő lab run smoothly in Kazincbarcika.


Keeping the core values of our Company in view, we accomplish our development projects according to the individual needs of our customers. We are open to our partners’ demands and whenever you have an idea, feel free to .

We are eager to find specific and innovative product ideas to help make them a reality or jointly elaborate production technology. Hence, along with multinational companies, we are also interested in working together with clients whose production volume is lower. We believe that high product quality and cost-effectiveness can go hand in hand, thus we continuously fine-tune our production processes and products subordinated thereto and fulfill the individual requirements of our customers.

If you do not find the product you are looking for or you are interested in a development trend or you have a specific demand, you can contact us .



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