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The on-the-job training program of BorsodChem Zrt



The aim of the program is to develop the professional competence and preparedness of employees by virtue of professional and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training in order to achieve more efficient work and greater employee satisfaction.

We do not only provide professional training for our employees, but we also ensure professional retraining opportunities for those from the external labour market who are not employed at the beginning of the course. We commence training to train furnace mechanics, pressure vessel mechanics, hoisting machine operators, earthmoving, loader and transport machine operators, energy-conversion machine operators, and chemical system operators.

The external chemical system operator training, for those who are not employed at the time of involvement, greatly contributes to increasing the employment opportunities for participants, since they can obtain a high-value qualification in the region.

In addition, the training contributes to the long-term employability of disadvantaged workers, which is inconceivable without the continuous adaptation to social and economic changes.


The project is implemented within the framework of the Széchenyi 2020 program.


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