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Our investments

As an industry leader, we actively respond to the effects of global economic changes, managing risks, and working hard to take advantage of our developmental opportunities. We are constantly striving for product and technology development and efficiency improvement. The capital provided by the Chinese shareholder and our excellent results forms the basis for expanding our production capacity and introducing new and increasingly more efficient technologies. By combining the production technologies of Wanhua and BorsodChem, we can significantly increase our cost efficiency and further support innovation through joint knowledge sharing.

To achieve our goals, we ensure the introduction of the most up-to-date technologies into our production processes. To exploit the potential of not just the European but other market opportunities too, we are constantly improving the quality of our products and developing our ability to respond flexibly to customer needs.

At the company level, we have explored supply chain and demand risks, rethinking the company’s improvement demands along the entire value chain from raw material supply through production to sales. We are implementing a capacity expansion and efficiency improvement plan to achieve a dynamic yet at the same time quality development that requires a focused and forward-looking strategy.


Our goal is to expand the manufacturing capacity of existing products while improving product quality and cost efficiency with increasing production flexibility.

We completed the construction of our Membrane Cell Chlorine Plant and production started in 2018. With this development, we have fully switched to one of the most advanced procedures whose environmental risk is one of the lowest among the best available techniques (BAT). The project’s environmental protection impacts among others include:

  • significant energy savings,
  • low greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions,
  • water-saving operation,
  • and mercury-free technology.

In line with the installation of a new reactor in the VCM plant, we also started investments in the PVC Plant.

We also carry out intensive development activity in the field of isocyanate production. As a result of the MDI and TDI plant developments, the production volume shows dynamic growth. Implementation of the MDI capacity expansion project was based on proprietary technology resulting from our R&D activities. With the help of a new crystallization unit, we serve a wider range of customer needs by means of a more efficient isomer separation.

In parallel with increasing isocyanate production, we solve the treatment of excess hydrochloric acid gas in a sustainable way. Thanks to our HCl Conversion Plant, we increase our raw material independence and reduce our environmental footprint caused by shipping. The project’s environmental protection impacts among others include:

  • the circular use of chlorine as a raw material for isocyanate production,
  • raw material production with a lower carbon footprint compared to chlorine produced by electrolysis,
  • increased energy efficiency,
  • and reduced GHG emissions arising from production, transportation, and energy generation.

For the construction of a part of the plants planned within the framework of a multi-pillar project, we are creating a new technological area with a complete infrastructure opposite our existing site, the so-called Site 4. The importance of the recultivation of the area abandoned by the coal industry is shown by the fact that the Hungarian Government has declared the project as a brownfield investment of outstanding importance for the national economy.

HPM (high-performance materials), Aniline, as well as HYCO 4 (hydrogen and carbon monoxide) and ASU  (air separation unit) plants will be located at Site 4. We plan to build another combined generation (CHP) power plant for the onsite steam supply, with which we can also cover a further part of our electricity consumption.

One of our core products, the MDI’s key raw material is aniline. In order to produce aniline at our site, we are building a mononitrobenzene, aniline, and nitric acid plant group. The project results are as follows:

  • We cover our aniline feedstock needs from our own local resources.
  • We decrease our GHG emissions by 14,000 tons per year.
  • We increase the supply security of raw materials and services.
  • We decrease the risks arising from the transport of chemical products.
  • We create new jobs.
  • Recultivation of the abandoned plant site will be carried out in accordance with the EU's environmental objectives.
  • We double our nitric acid production capacity.

We are also expanding capacity in the production of MDI variants and polyol blends to serve customer needs faster and increase the proportion of products with higher added value in our range.

Opening to the market with significant growth potential, as a milestone a new product appears in our history. In our HPM Plant by processing MDI, we will produce TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) plastics, thus expanding our existing product range. This will be the first product in Hungary made under a Wanhua license. We serve the growing customer needs by selling high quality, versatile, and high value-added products.


Our investments perfectly illustrate that during challenges of the past we have repeatedly achieved leaps and bounds in development. Technological innovation is the primary guarantee of our competitiveness, which we must also continue to strengthen in the future. We cannot focus only on the results achieved so far, but we also carry out forward-looking research and development for the long-term development of the Company.


For us, this is the key to success.


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