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Responsibility towards our employees

Our key to success


For our Company’s success, it is very important to recruit and retain a motivated and highly skilled workforce, achieve outstanding professional knowledge through continuous improvements, and strengthen our employees’ commitment by increasing their satisfaction. Besides conscious employer branding, our Collective Bargaining Agreement, which includes more favourable employment and remuneration terms than the Hungarian Labour Code, also supports our goals.

We provide a long-term and secure workplace and create a safe working environment for our employees in a liveable, lovable, and successful corporate environment. Almost 20 percent of our colleagues have over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry.

In addition, rejuvenation, recruitment, and talent management play a key role in our headcount management strategy. We believe that diversity highly contributes to our success improving internal innovation and creativity, involving new customers, suppliers, and other partners including the ability to react quickly to changes.

We believe that satisfied teams that work constructively and fairly represent the fundamental condition to realize our strategic goals. As such, we work in partnership with our colleagues, and their interest representative bodies. Our cooperation is characterized by openness, mutually beneficial solutions, and honesty.


We contribute to preserving our employees’ health


In our occupational medical office equipped with modern equipment, our employees receive professional care. In addition to mandatory check-ups, our employees can visit our occupational health service providers as part of regular medical consultations.

We set a strong focus on the development of health awareness by supporting the enhancement of employee safety awareness. We introduced a new benefit element that provides an opportunity for our employees to utilise such independent private health services free of charge that help to maintain health, prevent and detect illnesses at an early stage as well as make professional medical care easily and quickly available in cases of complaints.

We also established the so-called ‘Mini Hospital’ service operating on our site where our employees can participate in voluntary screenings and medical examinations/treatments. Within this framework, consultations with 15 different specialists are available at our site, for which we acquired state-of-the-art medical equipment to ensure its high standards.

We organize “Challenge programs” to encourage a health-conscious attitude and related to this we organised our first Health Week with thematic days to provide guidance for everyone. To propagate a healthy lifestyle, our Company provides employees with free sports facilities.



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