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Data protection

Data is valuable. It is therefore important to protect data. Ensuring data protection is the basis of currently reliable business relationships. As a responsible company, we believe that data protection serves not only our own narrow business interests, but it is also our duty to our partners, economy players, and society, which we voluntarily and honestly undertake.

We achieve data protection through organizational and regulatory measures and the use of IT tools that follow the technical development and changes and that meet everyday challenges.

We process personal data in accordance with applicable international and national laws and regulations, be it the personal data of any employee, partner, or any person who establishes contact with our Company.

We employ a data protection expert to manage personal data processing. If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you can primarily contact the expert using the following contact channels.

In case of a potential data breach incident, you can use the same channels below.



Phone: +36-48-522-305


If you can, please fill out our incident report form and send it to the email address above!


The following document provides information on personal data processing related to incident management.


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Our general, business-related data processing information for our external partners can be found here:



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