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Sustainable, premium products in BorsodChem's portfolio

In its Sustainability Strategy, BorsodChem has set the goal of developing a sustainable product portfolio. In this framework, the Company has widened its range of products with a bio-based TPU product after successfully finishing the pilot production in industrial size on 20th December 2022. From now, the WHT-DECO87560® bio-based polymer is available in commercial quantities at BorsodChem, in Hungary. It is an important step in our sustainability journey, in which we create a solid basis for BorsodChem’s long-term and sustainable development.

The bio-TPU has at least 70% bio-based content to meet the different requirements of our customers and to contribute to sustainable solutions. The manufacturing processes will be audited soon in order to be compliant with the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) standards and to verify the use of bio-based and circular resources across all stages of BorsodChem’s production.

Conventional raw materials of plastics are generally produced from fossil materials (petroleum or natural gas); however, these are not renewable sources and contribute to Global Warming. Bio-based raw materials are mostly derived from living organisms such as different types of crops and plants or produced from organic agricultural wastes. In this way, they are not just renewable materials but neutral to Climate Change, as the carbon, which is emitted after the end of the products’ life-cycle comes from recently sequestered carbon dioxide. BorsodChem has decided to step on a more environmentally friendly path and started a project to use bio-based materials.

In the near future, we will continue to provide customers with stable, high quality and sustainable products contributing to the implementation of a low-carbon circular economy.

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