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Our Colleagues participated in the 12th Chemical Engineering Congress in Italy by an International Poster Presentation

Wastewater Treatment Optimization of Nitration of Aromatics

Ákos Korbács, Alexandra Jakab-Nácsa, Károly Fodor, Árpád Markó, Nan Zhao



Whether an aromatic chemical is nitrated via mixed acid processes, the nitrated products are washed with acidic, neutral, and alkaline waters in order to purify them. Almost all water-soluble side products will be dissolved from the products and will appear in the water phase in form of its salts. The wastewaters will have also products dissolved, which are unfavourable thus, extraction is carried out. Product-specific extraction is needed thus undesirable chemicals would not be extracted back. Optimization of extraction is the main target of our experiments, so intermediates and starting materials were tested to measure their capacity and selectivity.

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