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Our Company was Represented By Poster Presentation about PVC Wastewater Treatment Developments

Examination of reuse of wastewater from PVC production in manufacturing

Stomp Dávid, Kupai József, Varga Krisztina, Szabó Éva, Lengyel Kitti, Harsányi Péter, Farkas László



A significant amount of technological waters of Wanhua-BorsodChem - whose raw material water is taken from the River Sajó - is used by the PVC Plant in the production as a reaction medium. To the effect of the recent capacity expansions, the water demand for production has increased as well. In consideration of sustainability principles, we are going to find a solution to mitigate the growth in water consumption. One possible solution could be to treat and recycle the water used in production and which appears as wastewater in an economically profitable way. To implement this, we have tested two procedures. After suspended-matter removal, a catalytic oxidation process was used for organic content reduction in wastewater, then the appropriate conductivity was achieved by deionization. In the other procedure, a biological system was applied for organic matter decrease. In both cases, the water was used for PVC production by suspension process.

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