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Submitted Patent: An Invention About Organophilized Layered Silicates

New Organophilized Layered Silicates and Their Production Process (231 002)

Barnabás Buzellák, Erika Grieger, László Farkas, Károly Fodor, József Kupai, Katalin dr. Leskovics, Nagyézsda Major, Kálmán dr. Marossy, Andrea Mihalkó, Anikó dr. Száraz, István Velki



The object of the investment was to produce new organophilized layered silicates where the organophilizator agent was sulphur contained organic cations, isothiouronium salts. The produced organophilized layered silicates show good compatibility with different polymers and in the case of chlorinated polymers (PVC, CPVC, CPE, vinyl-chloride copolymers, neoprene, etc.) their dehydrochlorination effect is lower compared with others well-known compounds.

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