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Our emission reduction efforts

In the past years, we have paid special attention to the importance of not only economic aspects, but also to substantially apply the environmental and social approach in our investments.

One of the major challenges of recent years is the fight against climate change and the related carbon footprint reduction, to which BorsodChem is also trying to contribute. We have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions through the careful and environmentally conscious planning of new investments.

With our newly built aniline plant at our Kazincbarcika site, we will reduce carbon-dioxide emission by 14,000 tonnes annually arising from material transport by producing our key raw material onsite

In addition to the modernization of industrial technologies, BorsodChem seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in other ways. Several times a year, BorsodChem employees work on making the factory's environment greener as part of a tree-planting campaign. Since 2017, we have planted over 2,300 saplings, which absorb approximately 1,150 tons of carbon dioxide during their lifetime.

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